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TechnologySite offers free use and also paid licensing of all photographs on this site for use in books, websites, brochures, etc. There are four categories, depending on the quality and use of the photos: free with link, free for personal use, $20 and $100. If your need does not fit these categories, or if you have questions, please email us at .

FREE for any purpose; provided there is an active link (hyperlink) to this website on the same web page and reasonably adjacent to one or more (no reasonable limit) of the pictures used. Links may be to the html page containing the picture, or to the index page for the section or to the homepage (

FREE: pictures on this site are available for personal use (such as school projects, printing or viewing). A citation showing our site ( as the source is requested. Further distribution, including use on a web site is not allowed (see exception below) and will be monitored by embedded code.

$20: high resolution versions of the electronic photo files for personal use (such as school projects, printing or viewing).

$100: Non-Personal Use of pictures whether available on this site or of high resolution versions. Such use includes non-exclusive use in publication on a web-site or in hard copy, or in art offered for sale (see exception above for links).

Photo copies on this site have a file size of about 140 kb. The original photos are available for purchase. They are usually 3,000 to 8,000 kb and are in jpg format at the maximum size and minimum compression supported by the cameras. Nearly all are publication quality.

If the pictures you wish do not have a payment button, please use those provided below.

Personal Use: $20
Non-Personal Use: $100

To complete the purchase, or to order prints, please fill out a form to submit so that we know, or can confirm, your order.

TechnologySite is affilliated with Forms and payments will go to

If you wish to pay by check, please complete a form, and then mail it and the check to TechnologySite. Delivery may be slightly delayed until the check clears. To speed the process, we suggest the form be filled out and printed, and then click on SUBMIT. We will receive the form in moments and will begin preparing your order.

To help insure protection of our copyright , all pictures are electronically invisibly and/or visibly watermarked. This does not interfere with any authorized use.

All content in this website is copyrighted ©2007 TechnologySite.  All rights reserved. Any non-personal use or distribution of the photographs or other materials on this site without meeting the terms of the Licensing Requirements above, or prior consent of TechnologySite is prohibited. The photographs on this site are protected by US and international copyright laws, and may not be copied, altered, or redistributed without without meeting the terms of the Licensing Requirements above or the explicit permission of TechnologySite.

TechnologySite will not use any of your personal information for any other purpose than to deliver to you what you order, and we will not release this information to anyone.


This page updated or reviewed in March 2011