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Lobster boat LOOSE GOOSE on Sconticut Neck at mooring off of Ocean View, Fairhaven, MA

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It is early morning and the lobster boat LOOSE GOOSE is shown at it's mooring located at Ocean View on Sconticut Neck, Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

-from "History of Sconticut Neck" by Mabel L. Potter, 1945 - part of The Millicent Library collection in Fairhaven, MA:

"The name Sconticut is obviously Indian and was applied to the region before Dartmouth was ordered so called in 1664. As to the meaning, one guess is as good as another. The spelling as pronounced seemed simple but variations are almost legion—none improves on the original.

Sconticut is the longest peninsula making into Buzzard's Bay - 4½ miles by road from Mattapoisett Route 6—but really the true Neck begins at the Narrows a mile below this—where high tides all but cut off the lower part, and hurricanes rush across, usually stranding a house in the middle of the road. The highest elevation is just over 40 feet, and the lowest scarcely above sea level. On the west is the Acushnet, or lower New Bedford harbor, bordered by Clark's Point and the Dartmouth and the Dartmouth shores with an outlook towards Cuttyhunk and the open sea. Easterly extending to the Mattapoisett line is Nasketucket Bay and further across, the Falmouths and Woods Hole and near the Point 700 acres of the easterly West Island always closely associated with Sconticut. From the Point southerly lies the range of Elizabeth Islands, enclosing Buzzard's Bay—Naushon not more that twenty (20) miles away, so that deer have been known to swim across to the mainland. "



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