TechnologySite specializes in the photos and history of technological gains of the human species.  There is a focus, as we get started, towards sectors involving the oceans, transportation, and space. Our site has hundreds of free photos including boats for fishing, sailing and recreation, lighthouses, floatplanes, and forts and wheels. You can also buy prints and unrestricted, royalty free, licenses for use of much higher resolution digital images. Pictures and text are available for browsing and downloading by topic. We hope that by providing these high quality photos for free, people will better understand the inventiveness of our ancestors and our contemporaries.  Personal use of these photos is free. Price lists and rules for prints, high resolution versions, and non-personal use are under Prints and Licensing. There are many photos: use the Google/site search engine. Visit ClimateChangeFacts for unbiased information about climate change and how it may affect our environment.

Our growing list and description of great inventions is available here. If you noticed one we we missed, please send us an email. Our list of most important inventions that have enabled our rapidly advancing civilization are available here. Free (for personal use) photos of inventions and technology are available directly below, or from the lists. Prints can be purchased here. Licences for non-personal use and high resolution files are available here. Many more are coming.  Books about each type of invention are/will be listed with links to book sellers. Apollo 11 Launch Team

Lead Photographer, Dr. John T. Everett, spent 4 years in the Apollo Program at Cape Kennedy and the Kennedy Space Center. He prepared a presentation about those years for the staff and docents of the Smithsoinian's Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum. The presentation is in several formats so the sound and movie files will play for more users. Important: Download the file(s) first and then view in either Acrobat or Acrobat Reader or PowerPoint so that the movie of JFK "We will go to the moon because it is difficult" and the 2 sound files of "The Eagle has landed" and "Houston, we have a problem" will play. There may be a 6 second delay to start the sound. For PowerPoint, the 4 files must be in the same folder. You may be asked by your computer to authorize playing of the files. Non Acrobat PDF Readers may not play the sounds or video of the PDF.

If you have PowerPoint--- Download the file and extract this PowerPoint Show zip file with the media clips.

If you do not have PowerPoint--Download the Acrobat file and it should atomatically open. View in Full Screen. Use Acrobat or Acrobat Reader (Free) to hear sound. Other viewers may not provide sound or movies. If asked: TRUST THIS DOCUMENT.

For a movie version prepared by Susan Linhares (my daughter) go to YouTube

See our digital photography tips : DOs and Don'tsChoosing a Camera and Accessories , Downloading Photos, and Editing Photos.

Old and new windmills, Sintra, Portugal
Stern Wheeler replica CHERRY BLOSSOM on the Potomac River near the Army War College, Washington, DC
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Heidelberg Zoo, Germany
Karlsrue Zoo, Germany
Racine Zoo, Wisconsin
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