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Trimaran on Lake Michigan
trimaran sailboat



A trimaran sailboat on Lake Michigan near Racine, Wisconsin.

Racine, WI is located on Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Root River approximately 30 miles (50km) south of Milwaukee and 60 miles (100km) north of Chicago, IL. 

The first permanent settlement here was established in 1834 as Port Gilbert. Later Racine was incorporated as a city on the 8th of August in 1848.

Improvement of the harbor in 1844 and the coming of the railroad in 1855 brought industrial growth to the city. Racine is a port of entry, and its manufactures include farm machinery, processed foods, automobile parts, machine tools, floor wax, and electrical equipment.The city has been a major industral center for much of its history and the Gateway Technical Institute is also located in Racine. (Source:


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