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Mallard Ducks at the Racine Zoo
Mallard Ducks

Mallard Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) swimming and flapping wings at the Racine Zoo in Racine, Wisconsin.

One of the most familiar of ducks, the Mallard is found throughout North America and all across Eurasia. Where it does not occur naturally, it often has been introduced. It is found in all kinds of wetlands and is a familiar inhabitant of urban park ponds.

The Mallard is a large dabbling duck with a size of 20-26 in (50-65 cm), a wingspan of 32-37 in (82-95 cm) and a weight of 35.3-45.89 oz (1000-1300 g). Males have an iridescent green head, eusty chest and a gray body. Females are a mottled brown.

The Female Mallard gives loud series of quacks. Males make a softer, rasping "rab," also a grunt and whistle during display. Their wings whistle in flight. (Source:






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